Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Primary Program I will never forget!

Once again it is that time of year when the first hour of church is devoted to the Primary. Young voices shout for joy to be sitting up on the stand entertaining their families. However, this year for me was different. I was directing this crazy group! (really there was two of us because of the numbers and thank goodness)
For those of you that really know me...stop laughing! I have been attempting to teach senior primary (age 7-12) since late last December. So today was their time to shine...or like me..fake it! Along with the Junior Primary (age 3-7 ) we packed the choir seats and the first 3 rows.
Before church began I collected all the gum and prayed there would be no crazy disaster. I should have know something was going to happen as I sat quietly enjoy the passing of the Sacrament.
Charles was on my lap chowing down a whole bag a fruit snacks in 2.3 seconds. Not coming up for air should have been a warning sign. However, my brain was not focused on Charles. I was worried about forgetting some words or leading the music wrong (wait-I always lead the music wrong) Charles ended up on my mother's lap gulping down a bottle of milk for the remainder of the Sacrament. When the Sacrament was over I gathered my things and approached the music stand to begin this new adventure.
One song down, two songs down and then it hit me. To my right, out of the corner of my eye a steady stream of a white fell to the floor. As a turned my head I could see our old primary president jump quickly to her right almost landing on her daughter. Then behind her was my sweet husband holding my son tight in his arms trying to prevent another spray of puke from attacking poor Melissa. ("What did you eat for Father's Day" is a must read blog entry if you missed it ) Ryan gets it every time! As Ryan attempts to maneuver around my Mother and my 93 year old Grandma (in a wheelchair blocking the isle) he clinches Charles as a loud burp leads to another explosion.
Did you remember I was leading the music? I didn't! What do I do? Help Ryan get out of the chapel, clean the floor, pretend nothing happened or crawl under the bench? Hummmm...the bench was looking pretty good until Melissa said "keep going we will clean this up" Do you know how difficult it is to stand there while your Mother and other sweet church friends are wiping up puke from YOUR son. Hhhhhhh.
As gross as this all sounds I learned this evening as Ryan ran down the hall to the bathroom a friend followed him to see if he needed any help (and this was a guy) Apparently, he cleaned the hall from the chapel to the bathroom without missing a spot. Some sweet lady was making sure he got everything. (thanks Chris)
Flustered and embarrassed I was able to pull it together and finish the program. It might not have been perfect but it was beautiful! When they sang the final song my legs got a little weak, a lump filled my throat and my heart was filled with Joy. "He is always near me....watching over me"
This past weekend I was able to attend Time out for Women. (thanks Mom for the great birthday present) It was about finding Joy in your life. Ten months ago if you told me I would be leading music to a bunch of kids. I would have laughed. The Lord really knows how to challenge me and this was a challenge. The love and joy I have for these children is undescribable. Not a day goes by that I don't think of how blessed I am to have so many tender souls bring me so much Joy!

Charles is NOT sick. He has ALWAYS had reflex issue. It is better now that we know is allergic to eggs, oats and maybe now fruit snacks!

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)