Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?

Not our Hailey! She did great getting her teeth
checked out by our dentist -Dr. Ben Wolfe. Thank you also to Jen for cleaning the week of green slime off her teeth. They made her feel so comfortable. Hailey did have an infection and her gums are still really swollen. However, she will NOT be getting silver caps like her Father!!! (see previous blog) Just braces when she is older!

By the way if you need a
Ben is your Guy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pucker up!

My little Hailey wants to be Angelia Jolie...

Last week Hailey tripped while caring in her Dad's bag. Gracefully landing on the edge of the coffee table. From the sound I was sure her teeth were all broken. The thought of Ryan's silver capped teeth he had as a child quickly raced through my mind. I jumped up from feeding the baby and was shocked to see very little blood. But most importantly all of her teeth. She was a little out of sorts for a bit. However, a little bit of Motrin and a wet wash cloth she was ready to go. Hailey slept great and came down the next morning looking a little different. The bruising was gross and my cute little Hailey was a bit distorted. She looked as if she had been beat....really it was not me!!!

Tonight I helped her brush her teeth. She obviously has not been touching them the last few days. Blood rushed out of her mouth as soon as the brush graced her swollen gums. She screamed...I thought...SWEET! She can be a vampire for Halloween. No really, I felt horrible. I should have taken her to the Dentist last week to make sure her teeth were OK. Again, the thought of Ryan's silver capped teeth flashed through my mind.(I have to find this picture and scan it in) I called our Dentist tonight and will be taking her in tomorrow. So keep her in your prayers because she might be flashing a little silver bling on her teeth tomorrow. (Do they still that?)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Charles likes it!

Baby Charles is 8 months now and growing too fast. He is a very sweet Baby and someday will have revenge on his sister. She drags him around, pulls his legs, and steals his bottles (juice ones...he is still on the Mama) He our last and we are enjoying every moment.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The big Scary TOOTH FAIRY

Carter had a loose tooth for weeks but it only took one bite of the corn on the cob to rip that tooth out! We called Grandma's and Grandpa's very excited to let them know it finally come out. Mom placed the tooth carefully in a baggie ready for the Tooth Fairy! Days went by and the TF never showed up...ok the TF forgot about the tooth and was a little short on cash...I don't think kids except Paypal.
A few days later, ok a week. Mom was reading to Carter and Hailey and remembered the tooth. It took a while to convince Carter that the tooth should go under his pillow for the TF. Than it happened... Hailey began to cry "Mom don't let the TF come, I am so scarred"....Carter started to cry too. "Please Mom lock all the doors and windows so the TF can't get in". This went on for quite a while. Finally, Mom took the tooth and set in on the book self and convinced Thing 1 and Thing 2 that the TF would not be visiting them.

However, Mom had a plan and one dollar! The TF would write them a letter and let them know the TF is sweet and kind. Unlike the Easter Bunny with his big teeth and rotten eggs.

The next morning we awoke to Carter screaming. "Mom the TF got in our house. He took my tooth but now I have a dollar....Can we go to Target?" Hailey soon started pulling on her teeth, she wanted to go to Target too.

A few days later Carter come home from school missing his other tooth. He explained that he was just sitting there on the mat cris-cross-applesauce and out it came. His Teacher sent it home in a cute little TF envelope but Hailey wanted it and together they ripped open it open. This allowed the small little tooth to glide in the air like a bird. We searched the floor, the couch and even their hair. But tooth number two was gone. And the TF has yet to leave any money. No tooth, no money!!....maybe they forgot. I doubt it!

Here is a copy of the letter to Carter

Good Morning Carter

Last night while you were fast asleep, I quietly entered your room, looked under your pillow and found something. Someone in Portland had told me you had recently and lost a tooth, and they were right! What a fine tooth too. Not too many boys in Portland have such nice teeth. It will surely be one of the best in my collection.

Not all boys and girls get a letter from me. But someone really close to you told me you might enjoy a letter from the real tooth fairy. Hopefully, now you and Hailey will not be afraid of me.

Losing a tooth is a special time for a young person like you Carter. It means you are growing up and soon you will have new adventures in front of you.

Part of growing up means taking good care of your teeth. That means brushing every day and eating the right foods. In appreciation for leaving me such a fine tooth, I have left you a special something too. I hope you have a fairy nice day

Your friend,

(I found this online and changed it up a bit for my kids)

Carter and Hailey

Here goes something!

Ryan has asked me for long time to set up a all my spare time. I have a few friends with great blogs I thought I would give it a try! So look forward to hearing some crazy stories, viewing some great pictures and laughing at my motherhood skills.

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)