Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things....

I keep getting tagged with 16 sweet things or 25 Random things. I finally gave in and came up with a list....

25 Random Things about me.....Corrin Carter Keeler

1. I hate spiders. Little ones, big ones, hairy ones, and even little babies still in the egg sack ones. Sadly I have passed this fear on to my son Carter. I don’t like to kill them either. I am terrified that in my sleep the other 499 siblings will attack me.

2. I have a very talented tongue! Me and Gene Simmons! I can twist it, taco and burrito it, touch my nose, and use it to whistle VERY loud. (which always surprises the person next to me)

3. All three of my children were c-sections but only one was filmed for TV. The birth of Carter was on TLC’s Maternity Ward.

4. My given name is Corrin Carter, just Corrin no middle name. However, on the first day of 1st grade my Dad told the teacher my name was CORKY and they believed him! (it was just a nickname) Some of my cousins still call me Corky.

5. It took me 4 times get my permit, 4 times to get my license and only 8 hours get in my first accident!

6. My hair is about 70% gray. I have to have it colored every 6 weeks.

7. I have dyslexia and had a very difficult time learning to read and I still can't spell. I repeated the 2nd grade because I was so far behind. This was ok because I changed my name back to Corrin so everyone thought I was a new kid. (Corky's sister) Now I love to read and I owe it all to my mother. She made me work just as hard as the other kids. I love her for never giving up on me!

8. I could pass on Chocolate anytime but crusty warm bread…hold me back!

9. I am great at doing laundry….just not the folding and putting away part.

10. My husband diagnosed me with having “Putdown Syndrome”. I put something (not someone) down and move on. I can never find my keys, my purse, or important items. I often have 10 projects going on with little messes everywhere. It drives him crazy! He often follows me around picking up all my messes.

11. I love BR pistachio ice cream, spicy foods, sushi, cinnamon bears and warm crusty bead! (wait…I think I already mentioned that)

12. I live within each of my kids….Carter has my kind heart, Hailey has my feisty spirit, and Charles has my big brown “I didn’t do it” eyes and we found out just recently the ability to cut hair.

13. I have never been a runner….but someday I would like to be.

14. I know little to nothing about music. A little over a year ago they asked me to teach music to the children at church. I still know little to nothing about music but I LOVE faking it. I NEVER want to do anything else.

15. I have a horrible time remembering anything. For years I blamed it on being pregnant. But since I am not having anymore children and my youngest is two I really have no excuse. If it is not written down it most likely will not happen. I have kept a planner for years and would be LOST without it! I have tried all sorts of tricks to help me but I am pretty sure I was wired this way.

16. There is nothing more important to me than my family

17. I was blessed with great parents. My mom is the most righteous, selfless, kind person I know. She is my idol…someday I hope to be half the women and mother she is to me! My Dad taught me the value of hard work, to play hard and to love. He is a great man to whom I was terrified as a teenager but admire and love as an adult.

18. I hate peas. Green small squishy disgusting explosions in your mouth. But I do love raw snap peas! Weird huh?

19. About eight years ago I built a bed. My sister-in-law Jennie and I each made a Picket Fence bed. We made our design and had little help from our husbands. It is now Hailey’s bed. Ever since then I have wanted to have my own workshop, fun expensive tools and the knowledge to know what to do with them. I guess secretly want to be a carpenter.

20. I love garage sales, clearance sales, goodwill and craigslist. I shop with coupons and spend hours cutting them out and planning my grocery trips. I always walk to the back of a store (where the deals are) and work my way to the front. The thrill of a good deal brings me much pleasure.

21. I hate to shop! Did I just say that…what a really meant was I hate to shop with other people. I love to shop ALONE. I can stay as long or as short as I like in one store.

22. My friend Nichole said I had to put this one in…..I lost a car! This guy wanted to buy my car. (well really my Dad’s car) He asked if he could keep it over the weekend. I was young and very stupid. I did not get any ID or other information. Well he kept it…and never returned it. He and the car disappeared. To this day my Dad tells everyone that I lost a car

23. I married my soul mate….he might not be perfect but he is perfect for me. (see #10) He is my missing piece.

24. My favorite flower is a hydrangea.

25. I love taking trash and making a treasure. I love watching my children get excited to see their Dad. I love having someone leave my chair feeling beautiful. I love the smell of rain on hot pavement. I love holding my children in my arms as they fall asleep. I love to hear the sounds of giggles and laughter in the morning. I love laughing so hard I wet my pants. I love having someone hold me when I cry. I love friends that know just when to call and just what to say.

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)