Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Part About Christmas

Last night on the way home from sledding (or should I say ice gliding) I asked the kids to tell me what they thought was the best part of Christmas. All sorts of thoughts entered my mind. However, it was Carter's sweet words that touched my heart. "Mom, the best part of Christmas was when Daddy held you down and I tickled you." Here was this 7 year old who could of listed his toys, cousins, Santa...the list could go on and on. He picked me...the best part of Christmas was making Mommy almost wet her pants!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting some ZZZZZZZZ....

It is 3am...I am tired...About 30 minitues ago my little boy whispered in my ear "Mom can you get Dad to stop snoring...he keeps waking me up". With one eye opened and the other still sleeping Carter returned to the "1am I want to sleep in your room" bed on the floor. I nudged Ryan and told him Carter can't sleep because he is snoring. "Yeah right" he says as he rolls over only to start snoring again.

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Our family has been be held hostage by the snow for a week now! We still have a few more days till we will be able to negotiate a release. The Soldiers have tired to escape many times. This requires 23 layers of clothing, a hat, a scarf, and small army to get all the right fingers in the glove. After spending a 1/2 hour dressing each little brave Soldier, the Captain is tired and ready for a few moments of peace. Out the door they go ready to conquer the snow. The Captain regroups and searches for any caffeinated beverage before she tries to get the house in order, do the laundry and finish the 12 Christmas projects strung around the house. Loud knocks startle the Captain...they are back! The troops have returned cold, wet and in need of a warm beverage. Soon the clothes are peeled off layer by layer, the wet gloves are thrown in all directions as sweet words leave the Soldiers lips. "I hate these is too cold...I am hungry...Why can't I go to Tess' house?"
The captain uses all restraints to get the Soldiers back in line. Knowing in about 30 min she will have to do it all again.....

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)