Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy sidewalks--Crazy Children--Gray Hair

A stack of papers sits to my left as I take 5 minutes to write a quick blog....yah right just a quick one. So here is how my holidays are going. Currently, I have a runny nose, my head hurts and a BIG ENORMOUS cold sore on my lip. Maybe caused by stress or maybe I am about to give birth because that is the only time I get them. Since I know I am NOT is stress. Monday evening I started to freak out...sweet Ryan got the brunt of it. Just a few weeks ago I thought I was doing great with all the Christmas stuff. Monday evening i made a list and started to loose it.

Teacher gifts---The kids and I went to the store to pick out a few more things we needed for teacher gifts. (the kids made bracelets...they did it for amount 20min and lost interest. They picked out the beads, started them and well... and I made the bracelets) Carter had a breakdown at Craft Warehouse because he wanted a pair of reading glasses. "Mom look how well I can see. I really need them" Then Hailey decided she needed a pair too. By the time I checked out the whole store was staring me down because I had to screaming kids. Really I wanted to leave all my stuff they at the check stand...right next to the huge box a $5 colorful reading glasses. But I was NOT going back to this store later...I am sure they hung my picture on the crazy wall of people in the backroom. Who can forget a 5 and 4 year old flinging their bodies all over the floor and yelling "I don't like you are so is not fair" All things I remember telling my parents- I am getting old.

Christmas Cards---I bought this great template online. Had a great picture of my kids...then I noticed a LARGE shadow of Ryan's hand on Carter's shirt. CRAP! I tried to take more pictures of my kids...they would not corporate. So me and my very little skills of photo shop I was able to take it out and send out an OK card. By the way why is it always I have to do 99% of Christmas? The tree, the decoration, buying, wrapping, cooking, packing, and keeping up with the other crazy normal stuff.

The tree- Little by little the beautiful tree is getting uglier and uglier. Last night from the kitchen I hear a POP and smelled smoke. Instantly I remembered the scene from the movie Christmas Vacation with the cat. Then the baby started to cry. I quickly ran into the other room to find half the tree's lights not working and the extension cord in his mouth. Ryan examined the cord - I examined the baby. We have no idea what happened but the baby was fine and the tree....missing half the lights. Maybe I will get to it around the 6th or when I take it down.

Presents---Why is it you think you are done...and you are not. Tomorrow night I will be braving the crowds and heading to the mall. Hailey asked Santa for a Sleeping Beauty Baby and Target is out....So off the the Disney store. Carter is done...just a few other family members to buy for. I have three more gifts to make and might be working on them till Christmas eve.
Hair- December is always a crazy month for me. Usually I do hair just Tuesday and Thursday. However, this month it has been almost daily. I want to thank all my clients that have put up with all my Crazy Christmas Month. My kids and Ryan have been very wonderful to help me out and my Mom too. I am lucky to have great clients whom I consider great friends.
I am sure this is not the end to my Christmas stress....but who cares if a few more gray hairs appear on my head....that is what color is for!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

CJ or Baby Charles...What do we call this kid?

I love this kid! Baby Charles is so sweet! He always has a smile on his face!
He is into EVERYTHING! He can now climb the stairs. However, can not climb down.

Seeks out all elecrtial cords and loves to pull whatever is attached on his head.

Loves Carter and Hailey so much. Lights up when they come in the room. He is a Joy in our life. Our world is complete with our little Baby Charles....

Ok so here is my problem...I never call him CJ. The name we thought we would use. He is Baby Charles. I am worried that when he is 12 he will still be Baby Charles....or maybe 60 years from now Grandpa Baby! What am I doing to this Kid!!!

Our Tree Story 2005

Oh the Poor Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, I thought this year would be different. You started out so straight and green. Little did I know you now would lean. . The day was cold and sun was out. Patti, the kids, Ryan and me went in search for the perfect tree. We got you home and the kids were excited. It took all day you were up and gleaming! We all set back and enjoyed the view. One night is all we had and now you look very sad. Your lights so shinny are now just dark. How was I to know that Hailey could move that chair. With broken balls and non working lights we are all very sad to see such a sight. We had such great dreams when we picked you out. Oh Christmas tree, I know the kids throw their naivety at you. Just today I found the missing sheep in your branches. Thank you for taking care of Hailey’s special bottle. It would have been nice to know last night at two in the morning that your were just holding it under your shirt. Well tomorrow I will try to fix you and help you stand tall. I am really sorry about the pulling and tugging. Carter and Hailey thought your were a new toy and now they will have just a green little tree because that is what you were meant to be.

Christmas is coming way to fast....

Can you believe it is the 13th already? Our tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. Decorations are slowing being ripped of the walls or the tree by our little crawler. Baby Charles grabs and pulls himself up on everything. Our tree decor is getting higher and higher everyday. The last few weeks I have been crazy. I told my mother-in-law today I can't wait for Christmas....not because I want the presents or all the party's. I want a day off. No running from here to there, no appointments, just a day of family and fun! It seems like every year life gets crazy right about now!
My parents had us over for Thanksgiving this year and I asked my mom if I could give a short presentation. I thought it might bring a little joy to you too......
Jesus Others You

Have you ever heard that joy stands for “Jesus, Others, Yourself”? According to this formula, by putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last, you will find joy. Christmas is an especially good time to put this formula into practice. But how can you in the midst of all the running and doing that Christmas brings about? Let’s break it down into each category:

Jesus: In the Bible we read that “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Simply put, you can’t find joy without the Savior. If you are seeking joy this Christmas, then a relationship with Jesus is the place to start. In Jeremiah we read, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Your first priority this Christmas should not be to get the perfect Christmas card photo or bake a record amount of cookies. Your first priority should be drawing close to the One whose birth we celebrate. Don’t miss Jesus this year as the residents of Bethlehem did all those years ago. There wasn’t room in the inn. Is there room in your heart?

Others: How can you put other people ahead of yourself? I know for me, it’s more like, when am I not putting others ahead of myself? I have 3 small children, two jobs, and a Husband who need me first. But I am talking about looking outside your immediate family and friends. Reach out to the retail clerks that wait on you. Smile at the grumpy people in your path. Extend a smile, not because they deserve it, but because it is what Christ would want you to do. I am inspired by the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith: “A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world anxious to bless the whole human race”

You: Putting yourself last means having a place for yourself at all. I think that especially difficult for me. We get so used to serving others; we forget that we have needs. Christ offers love, acceptance and peace. He simply says, “Come.” One of my favorite passages in scripture is found in Matthew 11:28-30 when Jesus offers us rest and a lighter burden. This passage speaks volumes to me in the midst of stress and busyness. I know that the only way I can make it is by drawing close to my Savior and allowing the Holy Ghost to speak to me. Don’t forget that you have a place in the JOY formula!
This Holiday season I hope that you too will find the JOY in Christmas! I gave them all a little star with the word "JOY" on the front.
*this idea was from my friend Lisa Sharp

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)