Monday, March 31, 2008

Dirty socks, pants and oh ya the entire bedding off Hailey's bed. Sweet Carter and precious Hailey slept in the same bed last night and they BOTH wet the bed! Sometime today I will load that BIG black bag full of pee soaked bedding and head to the Laundromat. How appropriate that Hailey choose to read Knuffle Bunny last night before bed.
(if you don't have this book....get it we love it)

By the way I HATE LAUNDRY. There are few things I Hate in life.....spiders, stepping on a slug with no socks on, grumpy people and laundry.
I am great at gathering, washing and even drying but the act of fold and put away....I am horrible. Right now there is a small "Laundry bomb" that exploded in my room.
For those of you that know my clean freak husband...this drives him CRAZY.
I am staring new today!!!! I will try the fold as you go....and put away too.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break Snow?

"Mom it is snowing"....This morning after getting Charles dressed I came downstairs to find Carter in a t-shirt and flip-flops playing in the snow (slush) outside. "Mom I need gloves" I was thinking you need boots, a hat and maybe a coat too! For some strange reason I thought it was spring. The winter clothes are packed!!! I guess I will be getting those out of the closet today....quickly we got dressed and went to Grandma's and Pappa's to watch Grannie...the snow has started to melt but the kids still had a fun wet time making slush pies!

Easter Bunny

Easter!!!! The weather on Saturday was beautiful. Kim, Jared and Everett came down from Vancouver and joined us along with Grandma Julie at the Oak Hills Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday we attended Church with Grandma Julie to hear her talk on forgiveness. We all could use a little bit of forgiveness in our life. She did a fabulous job and I am so lucky to have such a wise Mom!
The two boys had a blast! Charles and Everett are 12 days apart and it is a blast watching the two of them grow up so fast! Thank you Aunt Kim for moving back to Portland! (and you too Jared)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life goes by too fast

(costumes made by Mom using the plastic table cloths)

Here I am seem like I never just sit. Sit and reflect on the day, the week or even the 2 months since my last Blog. So here it is.....
February the month of love....around here it was the month of sickness. One right after another...until one day there was no tissue left, the last drop of Motrin was gripping the bottom of the dropper and I slept more than 5 hours! Life was good!
February 15th little Charles celebrated his 1st birthday. He loved his cake and he such a blessing in our life.
March came in like a lamb (we were all well) and it going to go out like a LION! Our sweet boy is learning to walk, pull everything down, and somehow learned to open a cupboard with child locks.

Carter started to play a baseball. Practice, practice, and more practice. He loves it and so does Dad! He has a great arm and his coaches are amazed at his distance and accuracy. However, the boy can't catch. I say put him in the outfield and no one will ever is t-ball.

Hailey is just as busy as ever. High School Musical is all she talks about. She dreams of visiting her cousins in Utah and taking a tour of East High. I have to wash her HSM PJ's every day so she can wear them at night. I guess it is normal look how I much we loved Xanadu! (Just ask my brother Charles)

Time goes by so we drove by all the blooming beautiful tree singing "Popcorn Popping" I thought for a moment that someday they will say "mom...stop singing" but today they joined me in being silly and enjoying life. I love them and I am so lucky to be their mom!!!!

Ryan - Corrin
Carter (7) - Hailey (5)
Charles (2)