Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What? I have a blog!

So it has been almost 8 months....come on nothing has happened in 8 months to blog about.

Oh wait,there was that little abduction! You know the one that Crazy Lady Nancy Grace reported on for weeks on her show. What? You don't watch HLN? You mean to tell me you are missing out on Joy Behar's new show too...What a crime!

I was abducted by the FB Aliens. They made me update at least twice a day, play Scrabble till 2am and spend hours looking at pictures of my "friends". One even tried to convince me that starting a farm or becoming part of the Mafia would bring me much happiness. I did resist....with the click of a mouse I blocked a tree from being planted, quizzes upon quizzes to take and the most important...many pillow fights! They started to see that I was not going to fall into their trap and they called reinforcements.
My cell phone had lost it will to live or even charge itself. Ryan,my sweet husband (I think he works for them) bought me a new phone. There I was sitting with my new phone only to find in the small left hand corner of the 3 inch screen a little blue F. Hummmmm.....that F was not for the Forbes application or even the Fashion Police. It was them! They found me on my phone! It started all over again. This time was much worse. Now I checked updates every 33 seconds. Alerts flashed constantly on my phone. Ringers that I did not know I had began to alert me of Status changes, posts to my post, posts to my friends posts and even a FB mail alert. Things became very difficult when Ryan accused me of having an affair. The phone with the FB app had replaced the soft warm spot next to me in our bed. It even at one time had it's own pillow. After I promised to change I still found myself sneaking it in our room and tucking it under the sheet on the side of the bed with the ringers turned off. It was the only way I could know if Sally made it home from the club, Jack had a great date with Kristen or how Chantal hated the speaker at church preach about being a good parent-because she was not. (names have been changed to protect the innocent) It was my life line. I knew it was bad when I started to take it to the bathroom with me. Something had to change and it had to happen quickly.......


Emily Laing said...

I admit it....I'm an addict. I only check it about every half an hour. No alarms ring to alert me. It gets used alot in the car when I am waiting for everyone. It's my social lifeline...Momma needs to connect with adults. I draw the line at games...none for me. Sometimes I'll take a mindless quiz made by a college kid with too much time on their hands that somehow can tell me that I am a crunchy granola girl or what my babies name will be?! (no worries, no more kids for me.) But novel season is coming, so all that extra time in the car will be spent writing a novel. Welcome back to the blogosphere. It really is rewarding and you can connect on a little deeper level than facebook.

Afton said...

yay Corrin, you're back!

Stacey said...

Corrin . . . I think there were General Conference talks written just for you. :)

JK . . . now where are the pictures.

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