Monday, March 1, 2010

Swallowing me up!!!

So here is goes...I will try again! The days are short no time to write but my friends keep telling me "you should post that"! So here I am cleaning my office/throw all room.(I should be putting away the 25 piles I just made) or even returning the 15 phone calls. But not another moment could go by without asking this question.....Why do I have so much stuff? Bins with ribbions, paper, clips, stamps....come on it is just too much. I do not dare to throw it away! I might need it...maybe someday. And then there is all my primary stuff. Paper, posters, blocks and that big fat Turkey! Will someone help me before I go baserck? Now here is a thought I could burn the house down and then start all over...ummmm!


Emily Laing said...

Just wait until you have to move all of that stuff...quickly, you will learn what to get rid of and what to keep.

Afton said...

Corrin! Don't say that. I just finished a book where the main character did just that. And trust me, you are not to that stage yet. I say box it up, seal the box and write a date on it. If you haven't opened it after 1 year, take it to goodwill without looking inside.

Stacey said...

Burn it down?? Just think of my remodel and you'll be cured. YUK!!

Purge!! It's liberating and you'll just go buy it again when you need it. We always forget we own it and buy it again.

First Friday this week at my in-laws. They're out of town!! Come, any time after 5.

Rachelle said...

hi girlee! just wanted to pop by and say hello. love that you made a list of things to do for yourself. i need to remember this! hope you get to do them all! xoxo

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